A selection of my boat sketches, ideas and doodles

25ft Proa Design
Multi Camp Cruiser
21ft tacking Outrigger Sketch
Skiff Microcruiser concept
Simple 20ft Outrgger Canoe design
20ft Trimaran concept
An Improved Triloboat
Ballasted Microcruiser Concept
19ft Trimaran Sketch
Expedition Rowboat
Proa Designs
Punt Design
Wherry Design
Turf Boat
A stretched Big Zen
Liveaboard motorcruiser
TO 19
TO 18
Coastal waters houseboat
Liveaboard Sailing Barge
Solo Ocean Explorer
Replacement Boat
40ft outrigger sketch
41ft outrigger sketch
28ft canoe sketch
28ft canoe sketch - take 2