Lines for 16ft River Wherries

A 16ft Wherry- attempt 1
This is a 16ft wherry. It is a high performance rowboat that will row very fast. It will be a dream to row. It does have low freeboard and is really only suited to protected waters. Lines in terms of topview are highly inspired by Mandarin 15 wherry by Selway Fisher, please note that the Mandarin 15 is round bilge whereas this one is hard chine and made for plywood or skin on frame, a tiny fraction slower on the water but much faster to build. Freeboard is low to reduce windage and weight. Lower weight makes it easier to cartop and makes it is easier for one person to handle. lines are shown below. Maximum beam is about 3.5ft which is a good compromise between stability and performance. Below the lines I have shown the offsets

A 16ft Wherry- attempt 2
This is my second attempt at a 16ft wherry. Time between first and second attempts is about seven years. The second go around I have lowered the forefoot a bit so that it will cut through chop better, I have added a bit more sheer (higher bow, higher stern), also increased the freeboard a bit. The idea was to design something that can handle a bit rougher weather and a bit more rougher water. For those wanting a good rowboat for even rougher water still I would recommend the Otter 16 or Scilly Gig from Bateau.com, alternatively the Joansa or Seagull rowboats by John Welsford. For this second attempt I have shown offsets in a bit more detail, they are accurate to the millimeter, so care should be taken when drawing them out. Note that vertical black lines are 30cm apart, just a fraction short of a foot which is 30.5cm

A 16ft Wherry- attempt 2 - Sections, heights, half breaths
Please find dimensions for this wherry below. I have finished the new lines and I am happy with them. Freeboard is still lower than other 16ft rowboats, as this is a bit more for rivers and a bit less for rough water. Equivalent sized boats for rougher water would have approximately 4cm extra freeboard. Example distance between keel and gunnel at midpoint is 38cm, whereas a 16ft Linnet rowboat is 42cm.