An 'Improved' Triloboat

This sketch is designed to show my thoughts on what a better Triloboat 16 should look like. This is purely my opinion and others are of course free to think differently. My thinking was to retain most of the simple to build features of the Triloboat 16 with the approximate same dimensions and weight but in what I feel is a better shaped hull. I have shown a more conventional rig.

The Triloboats I am referring to can be found here

The sketches show a boat with flared sides. This increases beam to 6ft from 4ft, this is still a modest beam. My thinking is that this bouancy would become useful should the boat reach a high angle of heel. The topsides of the hull are sloped inwards to reduce windage and topweight. Cabin height is the same as the original boat. I have shown a balanced lugsails previously and found it simple and easy to use, and very forgiving. I have shown two unstayed masts which can be mode from solid softwood at modest cost. I have attempted to give the hullform better lines that in theory should give better speed and less chance of pounding in a bad chop.

I guess the biggest negative is the increase in time needed to make a more complicated hullshape. From my experience it is the littel things that take the time in boat building whereas the mainhull can go together in a few days. Thus I suspect that this boat should only take a few more days to make than the original. It is hard to prove this assertion without building the said boat of course.

I feel that many people are put off my the complexity of building true yachts. I feel that many people to do not require the blue water capability of a conventional yacht and seek a simpler, low cost boat that is easy to make. The new sketch retains the shoal draught capability of the original. It would be nice to know how long to make and for what cost the above sketch would take to build. The overall layout could be expanded some more up to 8ft of beam.

I have not finalised the exact placement of the masts and leeboard. My understanding is that the leeboard is usually at the widest point of the boat? If so then the aft mast would have to be placed a bit further aft and same with the main mast.