Wildway Outrigger

Wildway Outrigger by Mark James Stevens

Wildway Outrigger, from the Pondlife Workshop Website

We have been developing our new outrigger sailing canoe over the last 2 years. Finally we are almost able to launch the preproduction prototype. When designing this craft we wanted to achieve a number of things;

  • Flat bottomed for ease of launch.
  • Water tight compartments for storage and buoyancy.
  • Enough volume for 2 adults and 2 small children.
  • The ability to paddle as another means of propulsion.
  • Finally to make the boat as dry as possible.

See the computer model image above; the beginning of the Wildway Outrigger journey, hull forms and beams designed by Jerome at Nautline!

More Information

There is a small Facebook group that contains photos, videos and information on the Wildway Outrigger, please see this LINK
Please also see the Pondlife Workshop website at this LINK
Please find a sailing video at this LINK
And a second sailing video at this LINK