Simple tablesaw

This is a simple tablesaw conversion of my circular saw with an old table that was lying around. To make this I simply screwed the baseplate of the circular saw into the underside of the table. Then I used a jigsaw to make a small slot for the circular saw blade.

I have made 2 simple jigs. One for ripping timber and one for crosscutting. Both work quite well though I think there is room for improvement. Some features of note are the thin kerf small blade saw blade which is much superior to the blade that came with the saw. Also not the gauge marked on the table, this ensures the guide it parallel to the blade when ripping wood (cutting wood lengthwise). For crosscutting I made a very simple jig out of three pieces of timber and three nails to secure them in place. The important thing being to ensure I got a right angle.

It is prudent to check that the blade is aligned vertical with a square, (my saw is adjustable). It is also prudent to ensure the nut that fastens the blade is tight. Safety is an issue that I feel still needs some work. I use push blocks (small pieces of scrap timber to push the timber through. I would prefer a switch on the table so that it can be switched off quickly. I use a small clamp to keep the circular saw trigger permanently on.

  • Main points about the saw
  • Can be used for crosscutting and ripping
  • Is inexpensive to make
  • Overall it works very well
  • Uses a small teeth 'thin kerf' tungsten coated blade, 'Irwin' brand
  • Has a gauge at both ends of table to ensure straight ripping
  • Ripping jig is held in place with clamps
  • The table itself has been reinforced to ensure it is not wobbly
  • Push blocks are used to feed timber though.
  • Safety is reasonable but still not ideal