Tacking Outrigger of Dr Frank H Russell, 1964

The text below is from the son of the builder of the boat, Frank Russell, he wrote the following on the Tacking Outrigger Sailing and Construction Facebook group December 2021

My father designed and built this 24’ tacking outrigger in 1962, launched in 1963. I believe the overall beam was 14’. Photos were taken at Port Jefferson, NY in 1964 by famed marine photographer, Peter Barlow, who lived across Long Island Sound in Connecticut

the boat was flat bottomed but it was narrow if I remember correctly, and no board. It was a very heavy boat and the rig was also heavy. A couple years after these photos were taken, my father raised the gunnel amidship and built a larger ama; I think it went from 12’ (in photos) to 16’.

I found a couple more photos of the 24' outrigger my father built back in 1963. These were taken in 1964 in Port Jefferson, NY. The only resources he was aware of at the time were two Popular Mechanics magazines- one featured Woody Brown’s ‘Manu Kai’, and the other featured Warren Seaman’s Malibu Outrigger. Very little info existed in 1962 (when he began drawing), particularly on the east coast of US. Within a year of this photo, my parents flew out to California to meet with Rudy Choy for the first time and began designing a 38’ CSK catamaran that was launched in January of 1970 - ‘Ipo Kai’. My dad was in the NAVY during the Korean War and spent time in Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean. I’m not sure if he was influenced much by the craft in that part of the world. I’ll ask him.

Note that a daggerboard was added a year or two after the intial build and was placed in the main hull, near the hull side

Four photos of the outrigger