STOL Design

This is a layout for an extreme short take off and landing aircraft. I have used two pairs of wings which may not be as efficient but should provide plenty of lift at low speed. Furthermore with a front high attitude used in take off, and when using flare on landing, the front wings should not interfere with airflow over the rear wings, thus maximising lift.

Engine is a single powerful turbine engine going through a gearbox that goes forward and then outwards to a pair of propellers. The propellers can be angled up to thirty degrees to provide for more lift on take off and landing

Undercarriage is retractable. The rear undercarriage retracts into the booms. It would be possible to use shorter undercarriage than shown if desired. I have used quadricycle undercarriage for landing on rough strips. The front undercarriage retracts backwards unit the wheel lies flat with the cabin.

This is not a true design, just a layout. Thus exact dimensions and proportions are approximate. The rear fairing retracts upwards to allow for unobstructed access directly into a vehicle tray. Because the fairing has no fin it does not need to be super strong. With a pair of wings at each end having the cargo exactly centred would not be critical. With two pair of wings and the ability to add flaps to both pairs and with the lift provided by inclined propellers, short take off and landing should be extremely good at a reasonable cost.