Ninja Pro tacking outrigger

The above images are of the new Ninja Pro tacking outrigger by Jerome Wats of G-Force yachts

Some more information HERE from SMG Multihuls

From the modest amount I know it appears to be a very stylish and smooth design. It seems very sleek and is no doubt vey fast. I personally very much like the moulded crossbeams and the manner in which all parts store in one simple box. It appears to have a stayed carbon fiber mast. Specifications are shown down below. There is a small daggerboard that gives high pointing ability. I would recommend visiting both of the links above, as they are complementary.

I had first assumed there was no board, and then I looked at some more information and found out there is a daggerboard. This seems a very nice boat and is hard to see much wrong with it. Obviously it is optimised at the sports end of the market, but appears to fullfil its tasks very well. There is a nice YouTube video of this craft on Michael Schact's proafile.com website here

Lenght 4,50 m
Width 3,00 m
Weight 75 kg

Sail area
mainsail 8,70m2
Jib 2,70m2
Screecher 10,00m2