More KIR Series Canoes

Plans for the KIR-1, KIR-3, KIR-4, KIR-6, KIR-7 Canoes

Please find on this webpage five pdf documents which are plans for the some more of the KIR series of Canoes. Note information on the KIR-8 and KIR-2 canoes can be found on other pages. Please note that at time of writing I only have one plan for each of these canoes, there may possibly be other plans in existence. My guess is that by use of other plans, and building guides as seen on the KIR-8 LINK page a reasonable attempt at building the boats should be possible

The KIR series consists of the following canoes

  • KIR-1 7.3m canoe, with a wide transom for planing - a hybrid sailing/motoring canoe
  • KIR-3 5.9m canoe, with a canoe stern for sailing, can be motored or sailed though
  • KIR-4 7.2m canoe, with a wide transom for planing - a hybrid sailing/motoring canoe
  • KIR-6 6.5m canoe, with a canoe stern, more optimised for sailing and paddling, can be motored though
  • KIR-7 4.7m canoe, with a canoe stern - a shunting paddling/sailing canoe

Permission to use these plans

The plans were commissioned by the Food and Agriculture Organisation, Fisheries and Aquaculture section. You can find there webpage here LINK

  • Please understand that the plans were commissioned by the FAO
  • The plans are not to be sold
  • If you forward on the plans, please attach the text below

In July 2012 I was sent these plans, at first I was tempted to put them online. The issue was of course the intellectual property for these plans. After quite a few emails I was obtained permission to publish these plans. The proviso is that these plans are not to be sold. Furthermore if you do end up downloading these plans, I ask that you forward on the following text

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FAO 2004

The Plans

Here are the plans, scans are not perfect, but if they are downloaded and printed out on an A3 printer, they may/maynot be sufficient to build the boat


Full plans (several pdf documents per boat) for all thirty outrigger canoes can be found HERE

What the boats look like

Here are some photos of a KIR-7 canoe built by Paul Cheevers. Paul says that his kids love the canoe and that it tracks very well, possibly too well. Please note that although the main hull was built as per plans, the ama (the smaller hull) was based on a Gary Deirking design

More information on the KIR-6 canoe can be found in this PDF document - LINK