e15 Tacking Outrigger

e15 Tacking Outrigger by Tim Eley

This tacking proa was built by Tim Eley in 2014

Tim built a larger 17ft tacking outrigger in 2013 LINK.
Tim writes,

Hi Peter,
Thought you may like to see my latest boat. Its inspired by my favourite two designers Gary Dierking and Michael Storer. My 17 footer was just too heavy for me to take down to the beech,assemble and launch on my own. It was built for a crew of 2-3 but I was usually on my own. This one is a single handed, lightweight, self draining, easy to assemble and rig, 15 foot tacking Outrigger. Just 15 feet long by 15 inches wide and 16 inches deep. Hull weight is 73lbs and all up sailing weight is 170lbs. The Hull section is square (see the Beth canoe) so building was very easy and quick, all angles are right angles. This also means that the leeboard goes vertically into the water rather than following the flare of the hull. The Ama follows Gary's plywood design and is 10 foot long in 4mm ply and weighs 18lbs complete.I have experimented with different volumes and shapes and can't beat this design (I can't use epoxy anywhere as my wife is mega allergic to it). The cross beams and pola are made from laminated wood flooring and have 4 stainless bolts to hold them together. This means it stays together as one unit and folds almost flat for transporting. At the beech I just pull it back out to square and lash to main hull, very simple and quick. The rig is a 520mm windsurf mast and a cut down old Cherub main with luff sleeve and plastic battens made from DIY window trim. Boom is bamboo. Sail area is about 60 square feet which seems plenty.
Tim Eley