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Disclaimer and all that

This is simply a list of books that I have read. If there is a great book out there and its not here, it does not mean thats this is a bad book, or alternatively that I did not like it, all that means is that I have not read it. I cant read every book out there, but here are a few. I hope that the following list is of use to some people. Generally I like non fiction books. I think my favourite type of book is something that delves into a subject I know little about, and completely explains the subject and is jam packed with information. On reading the book, I hence go from being relatively ignorant about a subject, to feeling that I am very well informed. Another reason for this webpage is that I have read thousands of books, and trying to remember the name of a book I really like can be hard years later. Having them online allows me to go back, and I have the option of re-reading the book if i so choose.

You will notice many boatbuilding books listed. I cant really say which one is better than another, however I have found that reading many many books on the subject, has given me a good understanding

Note books are listed in order of randomness via alphabetical order, so says the founding member of the Melbourne non runners club. Please note that most of the following books are available at amazon.com, thus you have a chance to read the reviews and make up your own mind

Boat Books
American Small Sailing Craft
A total classic. I just love this book. Please note that this is about historic boats, not how to build your own boat
A classic book, so much information on this classic text, truly great
Buelhers backyard boatbuilding Excellent book on common sense simple cruising boats.
Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes
Gary Dierking
The bible on the subject for those interested in outrigger sailing canoes
Building Classic Small Craft
John Gardner
An absolute classic. A fantastic book detailing the building of historic small boats. This book is utterly timeless and written by a master
Building Small Boats
Greg Rossel
Great book for those interested in building boats to the historic style, unfortunately this style is beyond my abilities
Canoes of Oceania
Haddon and Hornell
Jam packed with information on historic multihulls. Unfortunately no longer in print and copies on eBay sell for a small fortune. Howevever it can be found at some good libraries, cant rate this book highly enough
The Cruising Multihull
Chris White
A good overview on mulithull design considerations. Sadly there are not many books available on this subject. This book is a fraction dated, but there are not really any alternatives
The Dory Book
John Gardner
The definitive book for those interested in dories
Devlins Boat Building
Samuel Devlin
Very good book for those interested in the stitch and glue method, I am biased because I do not like the method
The Elements of Boat Strength
David Gerr
A great book for those interested in designing their own large boat, or for those wanting to understand how it is done. Once you read this, then you will know what you need to know.
The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction
Gougeon Brothers
A bible on the subject. Packed with information. Not sure another book can match this one. This is truly a must read
Instant Boatbuilding with Dynamite Payson Great book, I would really recommend this book for the beginner. Packed with tips and has some plans included as well. I cant fault it
The Sailmakers Apprentice
Emillano Marino
Great book for those interested in making or repairing sails
The Dory Book
John Gardner
The definitive book for those interested in dories
Ultrasimple Boatbuilding
Gavin Atkin
A good book for those interested in building simple easy to make boats. Main thread is that a nice simple boat on the water is better than the flashy boat that never gets finished. An excellent book for beginners
Wangka Austronesian Canoe Origins
Edwin Doran Jr
A nice short book that delves into the history of Outrigger canoes
Other Books
Coming soon as of July 2013