Phil Bolger Outrigger Canoe

Phil Bolger Outrigger Canoe
For some time I have had a simple link to this Phil Bolger Cartoon/design for an outrigger canoe. Recently I recived an email from Graeme who is familar with the SBJ (small boat journal) where the late Phil Bolger was a regular contributor. Graeme's email is printed below. Also shown is some documents he sent from SBJ regarding the outrigger canoe concept. Quoting from Jim Bolger, the article says,

I think the scenario is strained, and I suspect the cruise would be a one time experience. The boat is clumsy, and heavy compared with a real kayak, and slow and short ranged compared with a good rowing or sailing boat. It couldn't possibly cover the distances that John Garber did, and I question if its spirited enough under either sail or paddle to be very satisfying. My advice would be to abolish the idea of a sailing rig and devote this boats considerable cost to buying a better and lighter kayak

My 2 cents worth was that in Phil Bolger was entirely correct in his thoughts. As a concept it does not seem to work. Just maybe a larger craft that is a good outrigger sailing canoe is valid, but trying to convert a kayak does not seem sound. Please find below the email that Graeme sent me

I was just browsing (crab claws), and saw your 'Phil Bolger Outrigger Canoe' page entry at http://www.tacking-outrigger.com/ (great resource, thanks). PCB called it 'A cruising canoe'. It's also known as 'Cartoon #21' from SBJ #45 - PCB sketched out design ideas sometimes for publication, but not developed to the stage he considered a plan. He called these "cartoons". These didn't progress to plans for an assortment of reasons. However, they sometimes contained more than adequate detailed information to build from, and many of those have been built. When built some have proved to be truly excellent performers.

PCB had a regular design discussion column in "Small Boat Journal" where he responded to a chosen reader's wish list request for a boat. This is where most of the known cartoons come from.These columns usually featured 'cartoon' sketches for illustration, but the highly condensed written piece can also be thought of as sketching out ideas and explanations, ie., a cartoon. There are forty odd Bolger SBJ cartoons some of which, where the idea grabbed him, he did progress to completed plans. When engaged on design for a client or a potential client, Bolger also made "cartoons" and these often travelled back and forth in the mail with added thoughts and demands marked upon them, or were pinned up on clients' walls..

I've Cartoon #21 files from a number of sources, so I'll attach some in pdf and gif for your information. The cartoon is reproduced on the yahoo Bolger Cartoons group files page, so I guess, if you wished to do so, you could add something as content to your tacking-outrigger site.

The Cruising Canoe (Cartoon #21) hull is actually very close to being an Eeek! (from Bolger's book Different Boats) with lower sides to facilitate using a double paddle. Eeek! has up to 70lbs of lead ballast bars for added stability, enough stability for most to exercise a wet re-entry, the cruising canoe has the outrigger... &etc.

Note, Isometrics of this canoe can be found at this link LINK