Baltic Proa

Large Swedish Tacking Outrigger

Here we have a large Swedish tacking outrigger/tacking-proa. This boat is utterly fantastic, I just love it, superb!! The main hull does not seem to have an extremely high length/width ratio thus speed may be less than some other high performance multihulls, but the relatively stocky hull for a mulithull means that a much larger cabin can be employed and greatly increasing the enjoyment of the boat. Finish looks superb. Rig looks like twin junk sails, cheap, effective and easily reefed. Not sure about the forefoot, maybe something a little deeper and finer would have better wave peircing abilities. But that aside, I just love it. I love the way the cabin topsides are blended into the main hull, this gives structural advantages and weight advantages. Only downside is that going up top to look after the sails is more hazardous. However with junk sails that can be reefed from the cabin, there is little need to go up top.

Akka was first launched in 2003 and is not a restoration

A bit more info. Boats name is 'Akka'. It is 11 x 2,4 meter (main hull), 1,2 meter wide at the waterline and 5,9 meters wide total. The Vaka is spindle-shaped with a Naca 0066 profile. It has a Brucefoil in the ama.

Overall this boat is utterly fantastic. More information can be found at the two following links, one being where I first saw the boat, and the second which is the original website. Although stocky by mulithull standards it will no doubt be much faster than any cruising monohull. It looks as though there is a bow/anchor compartment that has two clam shell doors that hinge up. I cant see a board, but my guess without knowing is that there is one somewhere. More information below


Legitimate criticism and photo permission

Please note that I have been in email contact with the builder of this boat and I have permission to use these photos here. There was a degree of discussion of this boat on the internet, some legitimate criticisms were made

These were

  • The curved deck makes going on deck dangerous in any seaway
  • The large forward clam-shell doors may allow for a heavy sea to flood this compartment
  • The lack of a board in the main hull may lessen upwind ability
  • The blunt bow is less likely to slice through waves than a finer bow
  • The lack of ventilation may make the cabin very hot in summer

A similar vessel

The multihull a new build . It is a not restoration. There are two vessels, the multihull Akka launched in 2003, and the monohull Tesla launched in 1941

The vessel now known as akka was drawn up in 1996 and built in 2003. I made an error and stated that it was a restoration. The restoration comments were added on 5 April 2015,, and corrected on 7 April 2015, after an email from Fredrik. My apologies to Fredrik for getting this wrong.

The advertisment for a similar vessel in 2012
Note this advertisment relates to a completely different boat to Akka. They are not the same vessel

Please note that I used Google Translate to change the text from Swedish to English, translation is not 100 percent

Tesla Planned by Jac M. Iversen the dental stone Stenbeck 1941st
The boat was built in Östhammars boat turns of Linus Janson.

LOA 13.75 m, B 2.60 m, 1.80 m D
Displ. 5.4 tons, järnköl 2350kg
Sail area 2 x 50 sqm
Engine 12 hp Archimedes B22 in a watertight bulkheads in a waterproof drum
Planking 21mm Honduras mahogany
Superstructure of 15 mm pine.
Floors made of teak.
The mast is 18 m long, max diameter 26 cm, weight 240kg, glued Oregon pine.
The standing height of the boat: 181-190cm.
The helmsman sits behind the windshield. Even the anchors, two bowl anchor, was shot inside.
Jac Iversen drew and got rigging drawings reviewed by the Engineer Ljungstrom. Tesla is therefore no "real" Ljungstrom boat. Ljungstrom was very careful with this.
"Sailors is a conservative race and that is enough for most difficult to tolerate the uniqueness general look of my new boat. I myself am fullkomlligt free from such inhibitions, and for my part, I enjoy the smooth, fusiform sails machine I got myself" - -Tandläkare Stenbeck
"I'm Iversen big thanks and admiration liable for the excellent manner in which he turned my dream into a reality - and a charming and well sailing reality Moreover," --Jan Stenbeck.
A review of the boat was "two bedroom apartment with a balcony." More detailed article about Stenbeck boat Tesla here.
Lennart Johnson was Tesla owners in 70-80s
Unfortunately the water was filled Tesla for? years ago as an extensive renovation work required.
Owner 2012 is Christer who certainly are interested in selling to the right buyer. .
my comments,,, note the metal frames in the diagrams - are they aluminium or steel?