Two person 18ft tacking outrigger - designed by someone else

This is an 18ft tacking outrigger. Someone sent me these diagrams and I have posted them here. The person that drew these lines has built several boats before, and certainly knows what they are doing. The lines are most impressive and have excellent proportions. I am sure this would be an excellent boat, with capacity for extended camping trips, with shelter under canvas for when the weather gets bad.

Additional good points are that it would be economical to build, have high performance, have shoal draught to permit access to beaches. Trailering beam is a modest 7.5ft.

I have shown two alternate methods for reducing beam. Perhaps the hinged mechanism is the easiest, with one pivot pin and two sets of lashings and/or securing pins per crossbeam. Due to the very modest extra distance the crossbeam has to extend from the strong rigid structure, these beams can be built quite light.

Here is another design from the same source, a fraction smaller, looks like a nice design. A pdf version of this diagram can be found HERE note that file size is 470kB.

Below can be seen a craft in a similar size range. It is a 16ft trimaran from Solway Dory. It seems a bit beamier in the main hull, thus trading off some speed, for more carrying capacity. I like the simple leeboard, which opens up the interior. It can be seen HERE