Glenn Tieman and his 38ft Wharram inspired catamaran

Glenn Tieman's catamaran Manu Rere

Lets get this out of the way first. This is not a tacking outrigger, but again I use the argument that this is my website and I just love this boat. It was built by Glenn for $15,000 and he travelled around the Pacific for ten years living on one dollar to three dollars a day. From memory Glenn milled his own timber so in escence the timber was free, I think from memory it is strip planked and took three years to build. I may be getting a bit confused here, possibly the ten year voyage was in his earlier 8m Wharram catamaran, and this one was finished in 2007.

Notice the use of lashings versus use of expensive chainplates, lashings work very very well though can need occasional tightening to ensure their integrity. All Wharram catamarans use lashings, all ten thousand of them!

Some things that you will notice is the abscence of modern fittings. I cant see any expensive stainless steel fittings, no goosenecks, no carbon fiber, no kevlar or roller furlers, but hey do you really need them. Reefing is via brailing the sails, and then if wind is too strong replacing the sails with a smaller set. If your aim is jsut to get on the water, and you can live with other people having a faster boat, that may point higher, then your a winner. A large catamaran like this is going to have high instrinsic speed, so even without the most modern high tech sails, you still have a craft that performs very well. Ther is a lot of room for storage, plenty of space to sleep. Crossbeams look like solid logs (very cheap to buy and easy to find replacements)

I love this boat because it shows people that you dont need a spare $300,000 to have a nice boat that can travel safely thousands and thousands of miles. If you have a tenth of that, then you can go! (sell your car and travel,,, gee maybe I should do the same... hmmm)

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