Design File Downloads

The file seen on this web site can be downloaded free of charge. The hull shapes are drawn in hullform software

What is hullform Software
Hullform software is a boat design software that comes in a free version and a paid for, professional version. The software works on a series of offsets. Once a design is entered into the software, many calculations are then performed automatically, such as

  • trim
  • sinkage or draught
  • wetted surface area
  • horizontal surface area
  • form coefficients
  • waterline beam
  • waterline length
  • midsection freeboard
  • and more
So the ability to put a sketch into the software has many advantages. Additionally once it is in the computer, adjustments can be made, without having to redraw the entire boat

What other boat software packages are there?
I know of hulls, delftship and a couple of others. I used hullform because I am familiar with it. Some things are tricky like making dory hulls, and making boats with a bow transom. It can be done but it is not easy. Getting a fair curve can be a bit time consuming, as the natural tendency of the software is to draw hulls with ends that are too fine

How do I download a file?
There are two methods. First it is easiest with the Internet Explorer browser. Simply click on the image, IE will ask you want you want to do with the file. Save the file in a folder called hullform on your hard-drive. Once you have installed the hullform software itself onto your computer, right click on the file and select open with, select hullform, simple as that.

With the Firefox browser it is a little more difficult. When you click on the image a page of numbers will appear. Using your mouse select the entire text and copy it into notepad. When it is in notepad save the page with a a .hud extension. So you can see why using the IE browser is a fraction easier

What extension do hullform files use?
Hullform files use a .hud extension. Thus if you need to save a file to your hard drive, save the file with this extension, this way the hullform software will be able to open it easily.

Once I download a file what next?
If the file is downloaded and into computer it can be rotated around all axes to see what it looks like from all directions. The displacement can be varied to, and freeboard and transom clearance viewed. The center of mass can be varied as well to see how the craft is affected by not ideal trim

Where do I get hullform software?
The free version can be downloaded from hullform.com website. It is quite a small file only 5MB or so. The design files themselves are very small, in the region of 8kB.

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