About this website

This website deals exclusively with tacking outrigger craft. I have deliberately chosen not to expand into other sorts of craft, the reason being is that there are already many excellent websites that explore those subjects. By keeping to a small niche area, I do not have to worry about treading on the toes of the proa people, or alternatively having to worry about making a website that deals with the hundreds of excellent trimarans and catamarans out there.

The future of this website
There may be some small changes into the future. When occasionally I come across a new tacking outrigger, I will add a link. Every now and then I draw up some new boat sketches and place these down at the bottom of the main page, accessed via a modest unobtrusive link. In coming months I think I might add some essays that have zero to do with boats. These essays will be totally optional reading, and accessed at the very bottom of the main page, via a simple unobtrusive link.

Why was this website started
Many years ago I was interested in building a boat that could cruise the coast of SE Australia, be able to carry gear and supplies for a few days, be able to cope with rough weater, have some protection for the occupants, to come into a beach safely through moderate surf, and yet still be light enough to be dragged up the beach above the high tide mark single handed. In my search for a craft that would do all these things, I gradually became aware of tacking outrigger canoes. After much thought I feel that this sort of craft fits the design requirement best.

Now when it comes to designing the best outrigger sailing canoe, looking at existing desings is a big help. By being able to have a single comprehensive resource that deals with this one subject, then future builders will be able to see what others have done before hand, and hopefully make a more informed decision, and in turn building a superior craft. Additionally, even if a someone is not interested in building a boat, at least they can have their curiosity sated and learn most of what there is to know, via looking at what so many others have done before hand.