An incomplete list of Tacking Outriggers, click on an image to proceed to the website

  My Old boat
outrigger sailing canoe 1
  Cape Falcon Kayak
  Tim Anderson
  Micromegas 3 - Atlantic Crossing
  Different 22
  My New Rowboat
  A64 by Chris Ostlind
  Arara by Peter Mirow
  Salmo 19
  Raptor 16
  Melanesia by James Wharram
  Short Dragon by Wade Tzaria
  Tamanu by Gary Dierking
  Ulua by Gary Dierking
  Polish tacking outrigger
  Malibu outrigger
  Tim Anderson
  VirusPlus by Virus Boats
  Hans Klaar - link now fixed
  Dragonfly by Chris White
  Samoan Amatasi
  Windrigger by Ian Smith
  Replacement Boat
  Herb Kane Illustrations
  Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes
  Mike Hadfield's boats
  Ninja Pro tacking outrigger
  TO19 New
  Freedoms Child
  Gaia tacking outrigger
  Chine Blog SOF outrigger canoe
  2 person tacking outrigger
  50ft Tahitian Outrigger - updated
  Hilu tacking outrigger
  Proa Cat
  Solar Powered Outrigger
  Easy Rider Kayak
  Madagascar Tacking Outriggers
  Tahiti regatta - YouTube video
  New Caledonian craft
  Converted Surfboat - YouTube
  Kilakarai - one way proa
  Popular Science Article
  Yatra Dhoni
  Modified Canadian Canoe
  Corrugated Iron Canoes
International Sailing Canoe + ama
  KIR-2 Outrigger Sailing Canoe
  Modified Wharram Melanesia
  SRL-18 Outrigger Canoe
  More Malibu Outrigger
  Outrigger Junior by CLC
  Cairns to T.I. in 18ft cat
  My New Boat
  Solo Ocean Explorer
  More KIR Canoe Plans
  More PNG Canoe Plans
  Kir 8 plans
  TO 18
  10m Aluminium Tacking Proa
  Phil Bolger Outrigger Canoe
  45 day Norway trip
  Glenn Tieman's Catamaran
  Large Swedish Tacking Outrigger
  Nautilus Proa
  Vaa Motu
  Liveaboard Sailing Barge
  Anuta Canoe - Youtube video
  Pacific Outrigger
  E17 by Tim Eley
  Tipnol by John Slattebo
  Whaleback Proa
  e15 Outrigger by Tim Eley
  Indonesian Boats
  Admiral Paris's Drawings
  Pacific Canoes
  40ft outrigger sketch
  Skin on Frame Outrigger Canoe
  Salmo 24 Outrigger Canoe
  Solar Electric Tacking Proa

New - a list of over 500 different rowboats

LINK -- 'tis the largest list of rowboats on the internet, thus gotta be good..

And now trimarans
  Slingshot 16
  Slingshot 19
  Scarab 18
  Discovery 20
  Strike 15
  Strike 18
  Farrier F 22
  Kurt Hughes 23ft Daysailer
  Tremolino 23 -- Dick Newick
  Solar Double Outrigger
  SeaClipper 20
  Little Tri 16 - Bernd Kohler
  Nicky Cruz Trimaran
  W17 Trimaran
  Hobie Mirage Trimaran
  Buccaneer 24
  Weta Trimaran
  Trikala 19
  Kismet 24
  SeaRail 19
  cc Cyclone 23
  TriStar 18
  TriStar 24
  Dobler Triad
  Tricky Five
  Scarab 22
  Trimaran Kit
  Piver Nugget Mk 2
 3 Fold 6
  Onyx 16
  Seagull 20
 Pulsar 23
  Magnum 18
  Astus 24
  Patterson 21
  Tritium 720
  Sardine Run 18
  Scoundrel 22
  Seaclipper 24
  Triad 560
  Corsair Pulse 600
  Farrier F82
  Warren 20
  Bandit 800
  Tricat 25
  Dragonfly 25
  Expandacraft outrigger kits
  Sardine Run 19
  Trika 540
  French Trimaran

Photo permission. I have obtained permission for most images, if the owner of any image has objections to their use, please contact me

25ft proa design Learning to row tales
Multi Camp Cruiser On the water with outrigger and photos
21ft Tacking outrigger sketch Four day sailing trip report and photos
Skiff microcruiser concept (updated 2013) Three day sailing trip - Jan 2010
Simple 20ft outrigger canoe design My first boat, an 18ft Banks Dory
20ft trimaran sketch Sailing with Lugsail Photos
An 'Improved' Triloboat Crossbeam folding mechanisms
Ballasted microcruiser concept Making a simple tablesaw
19ft trimaran sketch Homemade oar photos
Expedition Rowboat Two day row
Proa designs In-hull and steerable proa rudders that kickup on grounding
Lines for projected punt Photos of a small tri with spacious cabin
Lines for projected river wherry Photos of a small dory styled trimaran
Lines for projected turf boat Tacking outriggers from Madagascar
A Stretched 'Big Zen' GIF vs JPEG plus how I do my diagrams
Live-aboard Motorcruiser Free hullform design file downloads
Scow Proa Opinion Page
T.O.19 - tacking outrigger 19 AEW UAV
13ft one person rowboat STOL aircraft layout
Small houseboat for coastal waters Three wheeled car
Liveaboard Sailing Barge List of 500 plus different rowboat designs
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